Dark Web Security

Dark Web Security

Dark Web Monitoring Services

As a business, you have a lot of measures in place to protect sensitive information. Your company’s data may be shared illegally on the dark web; DataLake Enterprise offers the best dark web monitoring services possible, preventing exploitation of compromised data—thus, the potential damage that could come as a result. Combining intelligence with search capabilities, we work diligently to identify, analyze, and proactively monitor for any stolen data—ultimately protecting your company.

  • Around the clock monitoring
  • Real-time alerts and action
  • Data leak prevention

Protecting Your Business, Protecting Your Employees,
Protecting Your Clients

Stolen information that’s posted illegally on the dark web is incredibly valuable to a dangerous audience—but more importantly, it’s incredibly valuable to you as a business. While technology becomes more widely used, understood, and abused, threats of this nature increase every day. Leaked data could result in compromising your company, its employees, and its customer base. As a business, it’s your responsibility to ensure this activity doesn’t affect your company; as IT professionals, it’s our specialty to make that happen.

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is accessed through masked, encryptedIP addresses to that users have anonymity, making it a platform that is commonly used for illegal activity. Much can be unknown about the dark web, but that doesn’t stopitfrom being an area of the internet that can be a great concern to you and your company. The dark web may be a mystery to many, but DataLake Enterprise has the knowledge and ability to monitor the dark web to help keep your business’ data safe.

DataLake Enterprise Can Help

With the ability to identify, assess, and solve dark web related issues tied to your company, our services work around the clock for you—24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. Our professionals have the knowledge and dedication needed to thoroughly and effectively monitor the dark web for any stolen information that may harm your company. With certifications and 25 combined years of experience, our team is ready to help protect your business. Much like insurance, dark web monitoring is a service you’ll be glad you have when it’s needed most.

Education and Best Practices

Our dark web monitoring services are of course very helpful in protecting your company’s data, but learning how to prevent these instances in the first place is the most effective way to guard sensitive information. Through our dark web monitoring services, you’ll learn about the best practices to follow in order to minimize your risk of a data leak. Let our knowledgeable team be a resource to you to continually improve your business.

Meet PCI DSS Compliance

Merchants have to meet PCI standards when accepting payments, ultimately protecting data and preventing a breach. Through our monitoring services, we will scan the dark web for stolen or leaked payment information associated with your business. This includes putting practices in place that will meet these standards, keeping your company and customers safe. The data that businesses handle on a daily basis is susceptible to being compromised on the dark web because of its value. The DataLake Enterprise team will work to ensure your businesses and customers’ sensitive information is kept secure and not compromised. We meet all PCI standards.

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